Care For Your Ears – The Listening Friend

“He who hath ears to hear,let him hear.”  German Proverb

Ears receive sounds as well as aid in your body’s balance. and position. Hearing is one of the body’s 5 senses.  The following are tips and guidelines to maintain your hearing.

Excessive noise  can cause hearing loss.Looking at different noise levels means different degrees for everyone.Rock concerts are generally loud  and standing by the loud speakers can really cause hearing loss distress. It is always good when attending an event such as this to take earplugs. or just try to stay back from the loudspeakers.We have all seen construction workers using drills or when lawnmowers are loud. The smart thing to do would be to wear earplugs or headphones to block the noise. The smart construction workers use earplugs otherwise they are prone to hearing loss.

Objects inserted into the ear canal is dangerous as it can damage the eardrum.We often use Q-Tips or a like product to make sure our ears are clear of wax. Even though we think ear wax is yucky it protects the ear. Fingers and towels can cause ear damage when pushed into the ear. The old saying is “‘ that you should not put anything into your ear smaller than your elbow’”. Funny as this sounds  it is a good rule to live by.

Another ear problem is infections. A lot of the time it is caused by dirty water or in the case of children at swimming pools. This causes quite a bit of discomfort and the cure is with a doctor’s visit and antibiotics. Sometimes this affliction happens several times to a child.

Young people like having their ears pierced and to avoid the dreaded infection try to keep the earrings in all the time in the beginning ,rotate them  as the holes will grow over. Rubbing alcohol must be use on them a couple of times daily so the healing process with be clean and infection will not set in.

Hearing the sounds that are around you in nature is beautiful, such as raindrops falling, trees blowing in the wind, waves coming onto shore and the sound of birds and crickets.  Take care of those ears!

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Jean who has a nursing background is a mother of 2 adult children. Jean's love of food fuels her need for exercise daily including Tai Chi, Yoga, walking and using her stationary bike. She has found that exercise along with nutrition and diet are quality of her life enhancing factors, because she wants to live to be a healthy 100 year old.

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