Drink! Drink! Drink! Water Is The Staff Of Life

“Water is the driving force in nature.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Water is vital to all life even though it provides no nutrients or calories.

We need water to regulate the body temperature and assist nutrients and oxygen in their travels to the body’s organs and cells as well as to help remove waste products from the body. We also lose water through breathing in the form of vapor. We get water through drinks such as water,tea, coffee and other beverages as well as with the foods we eat.

If your body does not get enough water you will experience dehydration. Your lips and mouth are dry and your urine has a stronger smell and color. Some medications as well as foods can also cause the urine to have a different color. ‘ I am thirsty’ is your body calling out for water.

By drinking water as the beverage of choice,you are not consuming calories; the water can come from the tap(as opposed to bottled water) and not cost anything . When you drink pop the sugar and the added useless calories add up. Sports drinks add electrolytes but are often sugary. Coffee and tea and alcohol may quench the thirst for a short period. Water goes with everything when you are eating. By having a glass of water before and while helps to stop overeating by giving a feeling of fullness. It also assists in food digestion.

Water is the best beverage to drink but too much at once can lead to water intoxication, called hyponatremia. This can lead to headaches, insomnia as well as decreased metabolism and metal alertness and death. Water should be taken after being in the heat as well as after an intense workout,as you are sweating and should hydrate. New research says that the body does not need 8 glasses of water daily as with most adults. The kidneys process 15 liters of water daily. The body should have between one and seven liters daily.

Listen and respond to your body’s signals for hydration.

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Jean who has a nursing background is a mother of 2 adult children. Jean's love of food fuels her need for exercise daily including Tai Chi, Yoga, walking and using her stationary bike. She has found that exercise along with nutrition and diet are quality of her life enhancing factors, because she wants to live to be a healthy 100 year old.

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