Preventing Alzheimers Before It Happens

Dementia leads to loss proper functioning of brain. Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia, which becomes worse over a period of time. This disease affects the memory, behavior and thinking of an individual. It is essential for you to understand that this disease can be avoided if proper steps are undertaken. Following are some of the steps you can undertake for avoiding the risks of suffering from this disease:

1) Boosting Brain Power: As we all know, Alzheimer originates from brain, so there is grave need for maintaining a healthy brain. There are a plethora of methods to boost the functioning of brain. One of the best methods is to solve puzzles or play memory games. To put it in simple words, our brain is just like any other muscle of body. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. You can strengthen it playing memory games, chess and solving puzzles on a daily basis. And, if you avoid these things, then over a period of time you will be at a risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

2) Exercise: It is essential for you to exercise on a daily basis. It helps improving the blood circulation in our body. Blood is the fuel that helps to perform our daily activities, so if we avoid exercising, then sooner or later we would have to face the music. There is no need to perform exercises that require intense straining on our body. You can also perform simple exercises like jumping, stretching, walking and swimming.

3) Good Sleeping Habit: It’s high time you inculcated good sleeping habits. Doctors suggest that a healthy human being should sleep at 6-8 hrs on a daily basis. You need to fix a particular for sleep and then ensure to hit bed at that particular time. Numerous researches have been performed in order to bring correlation between proper sleep and brain. The conclusion of these researches is that lack of sleep drastically impacts the functioning of our brain.

4) Stress: Modern day work hours involve immense stress and tension. People work under highly stressful conditions. However, you need to understand that stress negatively impacts your brain’s functioning, so no matter how much stress you’re having, you need to control yourself and try being happy. When brain is under stress or tension, then its effectiveness reduces drastically.

5) Friends and Family Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Mingling with friends & Family: A majority of people simply live their own life and don’t bother about others. Such people soon become lonely because there is no one to talk to them and if there is no human interaction, then your brain is bound to become weak. You can spend an hour daily with family and friends, as it will help you to exchange thoughts and ideas. Regular interaction helps to maintain a healthy brain.

If you avoid the above mentioned activities, then you’re may be at a higher risk to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Since you’ll not be looking after your brain, which happens to be a muscle, then it will deteriorate gradually. As mentioned earlier, solving puzzles helps in maintaining a sound brain, but if you ignore them, then your brain will become weak and soon you may suffer from brain disease.

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Jean who has a nursing background is a mother of 2 adult children. Jean's love of food fuels her need for exercise daily including Tai Chi, Yoga, walking and using her stationary bike. She has found that exercise along with nutrition and diet are quality of her life enhancing factors, because she wants to live to be a healthy 100 year old.

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